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Disciplinary Processes

Do you need help managing a disciplinary process?

50% of small & medium businesses are too afraid to discipline employees for fear of being sued. However, HSL can help make the process straight-forward by providing advice and support, reducing the risk of “getting it wrong”.

We can guide you through the procedures remotely via telephone/email. We can also provide on-site support such as:

  • Managing the investigation.
  • Collecting and collating witness statements.
  • Producing documents and letters.
  • Organising and holding the disciplinary meetings.
  • Managing the dismissal process.

With average costs of defending tribunal claims of around £9000 and tribunals able to make awards of up to £73,000 investing in professional support is a good business decision.

What our clients say

What can I say? Thanks doesn’t seem enough. What I can say though, is that the period leading up to the tribunal hearing was one of the most stressful I have ever been through. Yet you made it so much easier for me to cope. Without your support and guidance I would have found it all so much more difficult. You were always there on the end of the telephone when I needed you and your knowledge of employment law meant that good, solid advice was never far away. I can’t tell you how much it helped having you in our camp. Put simply, you have been a star. I would thoroughly recommend your services to anyone experiencing problems of a human resource nature.

S. N.

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